New Alpha Build (5-2), Changes to Skipping, Glossary, etc.

- Some effects(Lights, CG transistions) will now auto complete when you click the screen like they do in real VNs(tm)
- This does not happen with the fancier transitions, because they're actually soft-load/autosave sections. This is intentional.
- The skip function works to some degree. It will(read: Should) skip anything you've already read.
- What you've already read should be tracked by a global player class that is independent of saves. It also saves CGs and will eventually also save backgrounds you've seen(For a future Gallery implementation)
- The Glossary now has an entry in the text. The new term is added just before Sam enters the screen and is called 'Zappee'

Things I need to add to the list of things to do:
- Functional Toggles for skipping unread text. Dunno why you'd want to do this but it's a requested feature.
- Need to add the display for new glossary entries and the notification area. The toggle for it is in and built into the options, but doesn't do anything currently.
- Probably need to test skipping in regards to choice sections. Pretty sure it will work, but there's nothing in there yet for it.


When The Shutter Stops Alpha (5-2 Build) 135 MB
May 02, 2018

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